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Pearl Acoustics - Pure Audio - Rogers

If you are looking for a dealer in your region and you cannot find one on the manufacturers' website, please contact us and we will help you.
LPMC bvba is the global distributor for all Pearl Acoustics products:
  • The Sibelius SG
  • The Sibelius CG
  • The Sibelius P
Accessories include:
  • Salt galzed’, Belgian Bluestone stands
  • Anthracite, adjustable high-grade steel stands
  • Protective hoods
  • Replacement drivers for the entire Sibelius range

LPMC bvba is the sole distributor for PureAudio Ltd. amplifiers and pre-amplifiers for The Benelux (Belgium and The Netherlands)

LPMC bvba is the sole distributor for Rogers Loudspeakers and amplification for the Belgium region.

The products we distribute include:

The LS3/5A Classic 15 Ohm and (coming soon) the LS5/9 and the e20 amplifier.