LPMC are proud to distribute Rogers products in Belgium. Since 1947, Rogers of England has been synonymous with quality audio equipment. Through creativity and innovative ideas, founder Jim Rogers produced a succession of consistently improved and refined systems. Now in its 71st Year, Rogers are relaunching some familiar ‘famous’ products as well as some new ones. Once again, Rogers will set the standards for a new generation of music lovers. If you live in Belgium and you want to have an audition or find out more about Rogers products, please contact us, we are here to help.

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Reborn LS3/5a Classic 15 Ohm

Rogers International UK Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the LS3/5a Classic 15 Ohm speakers. Having previously manufactured over 50,000 pairs of LS3/5a’s, Rogers are now once again manufacturing this landmark speaker in the UK.


Listed as one of the 12 most significant speakers of all time (the absolute sound September 18th 2010) states that the Rogers LS3/5a offers a: “startling realistic vocal reproduction and a remarkably expansive and box-less sound picture”. The LS 3/5a has stood the test of time as few other speakers have. Ultimately the Rogers LS3/5a has transcended it’s BBC monitor status to become an audiophile legend in its own right.   

Measurements only take you part of the way, because you cannot measure emotion

  • Single layer one ounce copper track fiberglass PCB
  • M6 laminated transformer cored crossover inductors
  • M6 laminated transformer cored auto transformer for tweeter level matching
  • High voltage Metalised capacitors
  • All components hand soldered with silver solder

Further information and specifications can be found here: https://www.rogers-hifi.uk/rogers-ls35a-classic-speakers

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